The series explores body perceptions, created by manipulated images within the media and social ideals. The subject physically distorts their own body in relation to their distorted view of themselves, the image is then printed with wet ink, for the model to further distort by interacting with the piece. Each picture is a continuing statement against societies effect on an individuals mindset and view of themselves and others. The print is then scanned and re-printed, creating further distortion as the pixels are reduced. 

This set of work has been exhibited twice, each time the presentation was altered to further enhance the statement the series intends to make. The first exhibit showcased the original wet prints, as the interaction of the audience would disrupt the un-drying material causing further distorting, playing on the idea that our peers effect our perception. The second presented the collection on A0 canvas "The purpose of printing the images at that size was due to the disfiguration it would cause on the pixels, I chose canvas material cause I wanted there to still be a reminder to the subjects that agreed to collaborate with this project, that their bodies are works of art."